Why is Termite Inspection Important?

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Why is Termite Inspection Important?

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, capable of causing serious damage to homes and structures. Do you know the most tricky thing? Termite infestations are often difficult to detect until too late, as these buddy pests can damage your furniture inside out. Termites inspection is so important because it’s often difficult to detect.

Looking for termites on your own is only recommended if you have any past experience dealing with these pests. If not, then it is always better to call in a professional termite inspector who will be able to identify the problem throughout the inspection. Also, they will provide termite treatment services and help you get rid of them for good.

So, if you think there might be termites in your home causing damage to your belongings, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Make sure to conduct a thorough home inspection and call the BP Plus Home Inspections LLC professionals to get the job done right.

What are Termites?

Termites are small, winged insects that feed on wood. They live in colonies in the ground and can cause severe damage to homes and other structures made of wood. Although they are often called “white ants,” they are not related to ants. Termites are more closely related to cockroaches.

There are three main types of termites: subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood.

Subterranean termites are the most common type of termite in the United States and are found in almost every state except Alaska. These termites live in colonies in the ground and build underground tunnels to reach above-ground food sources, such as the wood in your home.

Dry wood termites are found in dry, undamaged wood. They do not need contact with the ground to survive and can live in any type of wood, including hardwood floors and furniture.

However, damp wood termites are found in damp or rotting wood. They need a high moisture content to survive and are often found in wood in contact with the ground, such as decks, porches, and foundation framing.

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Why are Termites a Problem?

Termites are a problem because they feed on wood and can cause serious damage to homes and other structures made of wood. As termites eat wooden items like cellulose, it can devastate your environment. Unlike other pests, it’s the most dangerous infestation in the environment. It neither harms you by disease nor contaminates your food but destroys the overall wooden structure of buildings. Termites, once entered, can trouble you with minor illnesses, damage, loss, and frustrations.

Here are some common problems you may suffer if you get termites:

1- Slow, Silent Destruction

The biggest destruction termites cause is weakening wooden structures and frameworks of buildings. When termites chew wood, it becomes weak, leading to sudden collapse. Besides threatening construction destruction, you may catch fire if these insects and bugs attack insulations and wirings.

2- Termite Mounds

Another big problem with termites is the growth of their colony. As termite eats wood, their population keeps on increasing. Their excrement and debris come out in the form of small woody pellets, which give a mound-like shape to the structure. These mounds are not only an eyesore but can also damage your walls, roads, and patios.

3- Allergic Reactions

You may experience different allergic reactions when termites’ excrement and saliva come in contact with your skin. These allergies include watery eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing, etc. In extreme cases, you may also experience anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

4- Anxiety

Looking at a termite biting your skin or destroying your furniture is quite stressful. Have you ever felt happy by looking at a bug biting you? No one feels pleasure seeing the destruction of his health and belongings. This anxiety often leads to depression and panic attacks due to a continuous state of feeling uneasy.

5- Financial Loss

The widespread destruction by termites leads to a significant financial loss. Each year, these insects and bugs damage billions of dollars worth of crops and property. To repair the destruction, you must spend a lot of money on repairs and treatments. Also, if there are such issues at commercial properties like schools, offices, or factories, it can significantly decrease productivity.

Why do Termites Pose a Risk to a Home?

Homeowners face serious threats and destruction due to the invasion of termites. It’s not wrong to say that termites cause property damage of billions of dollars. Analysts often claim that termites cause more damage to homes than storms and fires. You cannot cover termite loss through your home or property insurance.

During the warm temperature, termites create different colonies in different locations. It means you must be very vigilant to prevent pest infestation in your home if you want to protect your home from destruction.

The following points elaborate on how termites cause a risk to your home.

1- Termites Damages Wood

As the majority of areas of the home, particularly the kitchen, are made up of woodwork, termites can destroy your wooden kitchen. While rodents and roaches infest your home, termites eat all the wood without showing any devastation. They remain under shades and in the linings of walls, showing their signs of activity covered.

2- Termites Weaken Home Foundations

Termites are also responsible for causing instability in your home. As termites weaken the linings, closures, and fixtures, it depicts that termite causes foundation issues. You will have to pay a high cost to recover damage from such foundation problems as wall cracks, door closer, and wrecked windows. Make preventive measures to stop their entry into your home. Otherwise, you will have to face uncontrollable loss, which is difficult to eradicate.

3- Termites Affect Home’s Resale Value

Do you want to put your home on the market for sale? If yes, finding buyers for your home will become challenging as the inspection report will show termite damage. It will result in a decrease in your home’s resale value. If you want to maintain or increase the market value of your home, make sure it should be free from any type of infestation.

What are the Signs of Termites in your Home?

Though it’s difficult to figure out the presence of a termite in your home, there are some possible symptoms from which you can get a clue about pests. Following are the possible signs that show the presence of termites:

  • Presence of termite wings on floor, near doors, window sills, and wall linings.
  • Cracked or bubbled areas of painted wall surfaces and woods.
  • The appearance of frass pieces at various places shows the presence of dry wood termite.
  • Presence of mud tubes on walls for the transportation of termites.
  • Wood sounds as if they are hollow inside.

Preventive Measures To Control Termite Infestation

Here are some preventive measures you should take into account to control or prevent the entry of termites into the home.

  • Eliminate moistness and humidity in the proximity of home foundations.
  • Remove stumps of damaged trees from your gardens and backyards.
  • Control humidity in the crawl points through the use of ventilation.
  • Use proper gutters or downspouts to keep water out of your home as termites come to moist places.
  • Avoid wood stacking near your home because termites easily burrow wooden surfaces.
  • Properly trim tree shrubs and branches after regular intervals.
  • Avoid piling dirt, mud, and mulch in your homes as termites get food from these humps.
  • Keep your home clean, airy, ventilated, and moisture-free.
  • Get an annual inspection of your home from experts to ensure there are no hidden termites in your home.
  • Maintain damages of wood and paint cracks on walls every year to prevent further loss.

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Are termites common in Massachusetts?

Yes, termites are common in the entire state of Massachusetts. Whether it’s Worcester or Framingham, you will observe termite activity in houses, condos, and commercial places. However, this state doesn’t have any signs of the presence of Formosan and dry wood termites. It has been observed that the bulk of the damage is caused because of subterranean termites in Massachusetts.

The only place where there are fewer chances of the presence of termites is the coast of Cape Cod. Contrarily, in areas with a warm atmosphere, termites grow rapidly and are active in threatening the health of living and non-living things. It means termites and pests show swarming on the year’s hottest days. Sometimes, termite swarming occurs in winter when the buildings are kept hot.

According to the weather conditions of Worcester and Framingham, MA, the termites usually swarm in the months between March and May. It’s because this is the time when the underground easter sides of the state are highly humid. If you want to control termites’ rapid activity in Massachusetts, you must maintain and establish your homes per International Residential Code Building Standards.

It is crucial to maintain and adopt an efficient program for termite control in the state of Massachusetts. Irrespective of which part of Massachusetts your home is, you need maintenance and consultancy from pest controllers. Only experts can help you get rid of strong termites in areas like Worcester and Framingham, MA.

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Common Pests Present in Worcester and Framingham, MA

Let’s explore the kinds of termites commonly found in these states:

Bed Bugs: These termites feed on living hosts’ blood. Such termites are usually found in the apartment and hotels of Worcester, MA. According to an estimation, half of the residents of Massachusetts face the problem of bed bugs in rented and owned houses and apartments.

Wasps, Bees, and Yellow Jackets: Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are those insects that usually affect local homes of Framingham, MA. The infestation of these stinging insects and wasp papers usually colonize to trouble the lives of residents. There are many painful, multiple stings observed when someone gets exposed to pests’ nests.

Rodents: In Massachusetts, rats and mice commonly infest the places where nightlife spots, cafes, and restaurants occur. These rodent infestations cause slippage of loading docks, leaked foundations, and spills, leading to serious health hazards and infections.

Termites: Being the most common pests of both Worcester and Framingham, termites weaken woods by burrowing inside through moist places. Avoiding puddles around foundations, leakage, and broken gutters enable fast infestations of the pests in homes.

Benefits Of A Professional Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is conducted to determine whether a property is infested with termites. A professional termite inspector will check for the presence of termites in all the nooks and corners of your property. They will also check for the signs of damage caused by termites. If termites are found, the inspector will recommend the best action to eliminate them.

There are many benefits of getting a professional termite inspection done:

Save yourself from the hassle of dealing with a termite infestation: A professional termite inspector will be able to identify the problem areas and recommend the best course of action to get rid of the termites. This will save you the hassle of dealing with an infestation yourself.

Save money in the long run: A professional termite inspection will help you save money in the long run. This is because the inspector will be able to identify the problem areas and recommend the best course of action to eliminate the termites. This will prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

Get peace of mind: A professional termite inspection will give you peace. This is because you will know that your property is free from termites, and you will not have to worry about them causing damage to your property.

Protect your investment: A professional termite inspection will help protect your investment. This is because you can get rid of the termites before they cause extensive damage to your property. Moreover, they ensure your family’s safety.

Make sure you get a professional termite inspection done at least once a year to protect your property from termites. Contact BP Plus Home Inspections LLC today to schedule an appointment.